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Thank you for your RSVP to the 2023 Doctor's Christmas Dance. If you are a current member of the WCMS and have paid dues in 2023, you are all set to go! We will see you on December 2nd at 6pm.

If you are not a current member or are a lapsed member, you will need to join/renew your WCMS membership or purchase tickets below to attend.

If you would like to join or need to renew your membership to the Wayne County Medical Society, skip to the "HOW TO JOIN" section below. Tickets to the Doctors Dance are included in the membership.

If you are not interested in joining the Wayne County Medical Society but would like to attend the Doctors Dance, you may purchase tickets using the buttons below.


Providers who are in the UNC Physicians Network can utilize either their professional membership allowance or their Continuing Medical Education allowance to pay for their Wayne County Medical Society dues.


For questions, please contact:

Louis Thomas



STEP ONE - Complete the Application and send to

STEP TWO - Pay member dues by check or online. Need an invoice? Email us!

Checks can be made out to the Wayne County Medical Society

c/o Karla Rose, Secretary WCMS

204 North Cottonwood Drive

Goldsboro, NC 27530 



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