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Doctors Day is MARCH 30, 2021 and the Wayne Memorial Hospital Foundation is collecting "Notes of Gratitude" from the community to give to our physicians here in Wayne County to show appreciation for all that they do to protect our community. Simply fill out the form below and we will make sure your message is delivered to your doctor on their special day. 

Donate in honor of your favorite physician. We will notify them that you have recognized them with a tribute gift.

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"The good wishes and thanks messages we send to you will never repay the good work you do, but sometimes it is the only thing we can offer from deep down in our hearts. Thank you, doctors."

"Medicines can cure, but a good doctors' inspirational words can give the strength to fight from within."

"Doctors around the world dedicate their lives to helping others. They endure many years of school and grueling residency work to gain training and board certification, and work long hours to treat patients. It takes a special kind of dedication to embark on a medical career, and people everywhere are indebted to those who do."

"When we take stock of what you do for our pregnant mothers, our sick babies, for our sick and elderly, and for the rejected and lonely, we have no choice but to humble ourselves to say thank you, very much."