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Past Projects

The WMH Foundation is dedicated to ensuring donors’ dollars have 100% impact on improving health care in Wayne County. We work closely with our doctors and health care teams as well as hospital leadership to ensure donations are directed to areas of greatest need.

Through donor funding, the WMH Foundation is able to support the purchase of the most urgently needed medical equipment and the

latest technology, and fund capital infrastructure, patient care initiatives, and research and education programs, giving our doctors and medical teams the vital tools they need to provide and enhance the compassionate, lifesaving health care they provide.

Pediatric Surgery

“The iPads, cars, wall decals, and toys for our pediatric surgical patients have helped us decrease the anxiety of our pediatric patients and their parents.  When they come in and see the beautiful walls they feel more at ease and then when they play with the iPads and toys it helps distract them from everything going on around them.  Then when they get to ride in the Power Wheels or Push Cars they get excited and aren’t so scared to leave their parents for a ride down the hall!”  -Catherine H.

Pediatric Ride In Cars.png
Ride-in Cars
WATCH Mobile

The WMH Foundation provided $100,000 towards the WATCH mobile unit, which travels to predetermined locations each week to provide free health care to the uninsured and underinsured living in Wayne County.

WATCH bus.png
Health Clinic
Mobile Integrated

“These vehicles allow our paramedics to provide outreach medical services to the high risk patient population we serve.  Our paramedics help patients with medication management, food planning, securing necessary resources, making and keeping follow up medical appointments.


The vehicles have been an invaluable asset to our program and we thank the foundation for their generosity and investment into our community.”

MIH Vehicles.png
Health Vehicles
Infant Warmers &

“This money made possible the availability for resuscitating infants born in the ED or the main OR. We now have all the supplies available in each place to quickly handle an emergency delivery.”

Infant Warmers.png
Neonatal Crash Carts
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